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Diamond Clear

A two part component clear aromatic epoxy (polyacrylate) glaze coat used as a sealer/finish top coat for seamless flooring applications and other specialized uses.

Marbelite™ Clear Epoxy A solvent based colorless general purpose two part epoxy coating to seal and waterproof all types of concrete surfaces where hard use is expected. May also be used as a decorative coating on wood, plastic, plaster, paper, metal, ceramic surfaces, bar tops, tables, plaques, cloth and stone

Marbelite™ Epoxy
(Water Based)

A two part gloss white pigmented water reducible epoxy coating used as a base coat for vinyl chip seamless flooring systems (DecorChip) and used as a finish coating for architectural and industrial applications.
Crystal Clear "1000" A solvent based, 100% acrylic (Non-Yellowing) clear coating for sealing polymer cement (Marbelite) textured surfacing, bare concrete, pavers, and masonry.
Stain Seal "500" A very durable, water reducible latex acrylic coating for use over textured cement (Marbelite) surfacing applications, concrete driveways, walkways, patios and pool decks.
Mar-Flex Bonding A specially formulated polymer blend additive that can be added to any type of cementitious mix to produce elongation and flexibility.
Fast-Set Crack Filler A two part smooth gel type fast setting flexible polymer cement crack filler formulated for filling repair of cracks and joints in concrete surfaces.
Marbeltard A chemical additive retarder for use with Marbelite Concentrated Polymer Resins to prevent premature setting of the cement mix during extreme hot weather conditions.
Klear-Grip A finely ground transparent aggregate used as an anti-slip (non-skid) compound which is broadcast into finish coats during their application. It will not change the color or the performance properties of the top coats.
Marbelite™ Polymer Bonding Resin A concentrated polymer resin which is used as a cement modifier when mixing Marbelite high strength powders to provide improved performance characteristics of the mix. It increases the level of adhesion, flexural, compressive, tensile and abrasion for the cement textured coating.


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