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High Strength Polymer
Cement Coating for
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Marbelite™ - Marbelite is a high strength polymer cement coating designed for resurfacing old or new concrete. It turns plain concrete into a beautiful , decorative surface. It can duplicate the look of natural stone, slate, brick, or pavers, at a much more affordable cost.




DecorChip™ - The DecorChip Vinyl Chip System is an alternative to Granite or Terrazzo flooring, with much more versatility. It is a non-porous, semaless floor system, impervious to most staining elements including oil\, grease and non-solvent based products.




Styrocrete™ - Styrocrete is a specially formulated, high strenth polymer cement mix designed to be used as a coating over styrofoam, or any vertical surface. Typical applications include columns, stairways, rails & bannisters, window and doorway trimwork, etc.



Marbelite International Corp.
1500 Global Court, Sarasota, FL. 34240

(941) 378-0860 or Toll Free (800) 348-3993
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