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The Marbelite International Corporation provides a 2-Day Training Program in decorative surfacing technology that provides the installer with the most comprehensive and unequaled training process in the industry! The training philosophy at Marbelite emphasizes "hands-on" experience. The "in-depth" training will give you immediate confidence and the knowledge required to ensure successful installations while maintaining Marbelite's high-quality reputation. A "Certificate of Certification" is issued to the installer upon completion of the factory training process.

The Marbelite training instructor will personally take you through every aspect of the Marbelite™ and DecorChips™ - application process. The training will teach you the proper use of spray equipment which includes: air pressure, orifice settings, mix viscosity and proper equipment maintenance. You will learn thoroughly the crucial steps of surface preparation, internal metal stitching for repairing cracks in concrete, and low area build-up. You will learn all of the different Marbelite™ design processes including the DecorChips™ epoxy vinyl chip seamless flooring which will enable you to achieve a variety of beautiful "hand-crafted" finishes.

Due to personal and attentive instruction, your training will require a period of two days. You are required to wear your work clothes at all times!

The cost of the Marbelite training package (not including travel, meals and accommodations) is a nominal fee charge of $250.00 per person - which will be fully credited toward any product order of $250.00 or more.

Registration Instructions

To register for the next scheduled training dates and a list of available accommodations and a map for driving instructions, contact the Marbelite corporate offices at Sarasota, Florida. Please phone (941) 378-0860 during the weekdays of Monday through Friday, 7:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. (E.S.T.).

Marbelite International Corp.
1500 Global Court, Sarasota, FL. 34240

(941) 378-0860 or Toll Free (800) 348-3993
FAX (941) 378-9832










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